BEYOND STRONG® On the Ball is designed to create a balance of strength, endurance and flexibility while developing a strong and stable core. Using an exercise ball, light weights and your bodyweight, … btn-read_more


conciege-fitness-newJessica Regnante has provided personalized, in-home, one-on-one training for the past twenty years via CONCIERGEFITNESS®. Jessica’s trademark method is a fusion of mindful, corrective exercise and healthy lifestyle coaching for injury prevention, performance and wellness. If you live in the Boston area, you can have the benefit of Jessica coming to your home or workplace to coach you “live”, but if you live anywhere else and want Jessica to help you create your BEYOND STRONG® lifestyle, “virtual” coaching is available via live Skype training or FaceTime.   btn-read_more

Meet Jessica R®

jessica_profile Fitness and Lifestyle Consultant Jessica Regnante (aka Jessica R.®) has spent over twenty years teaching and motivating people with her infectious energy and upbeat style. Her mission: to help people embrace a BEYOND STRONG® lifestyle. btn-read_more

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