Jessica Regnante has provided personalized, in-home, one-on-one training for the past twenty years via CONCIERGEFITNESS®. Jessica’s trademark method is a combination of mindful, corrective exercise and healthy lifestyle coaching for injury prevention, performance and wellness.

Using an integrated approach to a superior body inside and out, Jessica will create a fitness/wellness plan specifically for you based on your individual needs, goals and personal interests. All programs are ideal for people of all fitness levels, for working out anywhere, and for people that have a variety of exercise equipment or even no equipment at all.

If you live in the Boston area, you can have the benefit of Jessica coming to your home or workplace to coach you “live”, but if you live anywhere else and want Jessica to help you create your BEYOND STRONG® lifestyle, “virtual coaching” is available via live Skype training or FaceTime.


Virtual coaching gives you the variety, inventiveness and accountability of a person on the other end of the line; someone who will design a program for you and coach you. As if she is in the room with you, Jessica works with you in one-hour sessions, corrects your form as she watches you move to make sure you are working safely to achieve your goals and coaches you to live better! This gives you the advantage of working out privately with a fitness and healthy lifestyle coach, wherever you want.



Whether working out with Jessica “live” in your home or “virtually” via Skype or FaceTime, you’ll have your own customized fitness/wellness plan from an Exercise Physiologist and Healthy Lifestyle Coach.

A one-on-one session, tailored to your personal needs and goals, includes:

  • Consultation to determine and understand your body’s daily activities, posture and physical stresses
  • Identification of possible areas of weakness and tightness
  • Goal setting to determine desired results
  • Program designed to improve daily muscular function, prevent injuries and create a balanced fitness/wellness plan
  • Coaching for motivation and personalized attention
  • Periodic evaluation and modification to ensure success


Enough space for an exercise mat, a stability ball, dumbells, resistance tubing and any home-gym equipment you own!

If you choose to work with Jessica via Skype or FaceTime, you’ll need an Internet connection and a computer or tablet with a web cam.