“My personal goal is for you to be BEYOND STRONG®, become healthier and stronger inside and out and do all the things you love to do.”

BEYOND STRONG® ON THE BALL is designed to create a balance of strength, endurance and flexibility while developing a strong and stable core. Using an exercise ball, light weights and your body weight, this workout is designed to be a total body workout integrating the whole body and emphasizing proper body mechanics.

Designed for all fitness levels, BEYOND STRONG® ON THE BALL consists of three 15-20 minute workouts that focus on your entire body, starting from the core and can be done individually or as a complete one-hour workout: The Basics, BEYOND the Basics and BEYOND STRONG®. Each of these workouts consist of three sets of three exercises performed in a row, using all muscles in conjunction with one another to maximize your workout.

What You’ll Need:

Exercise Ball Light Weights · Exercise Mat · Stretching Strap

Bonus Feature:

  • Jessica’s 7 Steps
  • Jessica created The 7 Steps to teach her unique movement philosophy:
    • Take a Total Body Approach
    • Use Imagery Training
    • Keep Ideal Posture
    • Train from the Inside Out
    • Control Your Body
    • Vary Your Movements
    • Trust the Process and Have Fun

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