What People Are Saying

“Jessica Regnante changed my life. After years of half-hearted attempts, with failed results, to get in-shape, Jess was the first and only trainer to help me understand the fundamentals of exercise with her hands-on, highly-personalized approach. She motivated me to lose almost 40 pounds, while gaining muscle. People constantly say “WOW, you look great”-and this is due in great part to Jess. She is passionate and committed to her clients. After more than a year of working together, I consider her a dear friend and a trusted fitness partner for life.”

– Drew Koven, CEO
Geoff and Drew’s Incredible Cookies

“Jessica is an extraordinary teacher and inspiring coach. She has a comprehensive knowledge of body mechanics and anatomy that she uses very effectively to address the needs of each individual client to improve their endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance. I particularly recommend her to those who have any physical limitation or pain problem whether it be due to age, injury, or disease. Many of my clients have made enormous strides in their efforts to attain greater functionality and fitness.”

– Ken Kraft, Ph.D.
Faculty, Harvard Medical School
Author of Psychological Evaluation of the Chronic Pain Patient in Office Practice of Neurology

“I began working with Jessica 6 years ago. What was supposed to be 2-3 visits to help with a back injury, turned into a long-lasting relationship. In less than a year, Jessica got me into the best shape of my life. She trained me through 2 pregnancies, displaying creativity, caution, and a deep knowledge of the human body. Jessica is passionate about her work and continues to challenge me with each session. Her knowledge is superior and her infectious personality is both motivating and inspiring. I trust her completely and am thankful that Jessica has entered my life.”

– Suzanne S.

“After I retired, my love for animals turned into a full-time rescue mission. Horses, dogs, cats, birds, bunnies–I am caring on a daily basis for over 50 unwanted animals. So what does this have to do with Jessica? It’s simple, really: over the last two years, my twice-weekly sessions with her have increased my strength, improved my balance, and enhanced my energy. Working with Jessica helps me do what I need to do, whether it’s lifting 60-pound hay bales, moving heavy containers of kitty litter, or carrying an injured dog up and down stairs. I function so much more effectively thanks to her training. And she’s FUN–always upbeat, optimistic, funny, and thoughtful. She is very knowledgeable, I trust her advice and feedback, and really enjoy being around her. Jessica is an ‘exclamation point’ kind of person!”

– Susan Tuck, PhD (63 years old)

“It has been my pleasure to work with Jessica for the past 3 years. I am constantly struck by how much Jess knows about the human body. She uses her extraordinary knowledge to make sure that I am not only getting stronger, but also avoiding injury. When I tore my ACL last year skiing, Jess had me working on other parts of my body almost immediately, and she adapted our workouts to low-impact pool work in the weeks following my knee surgery. But another big part of the equation is Jessica’s energy. She is extraordinarily positive and enthusiastic, and her constant energy helps make what could be a tough hour seem like fun. In an amazing sign of her breadth of ability, she started working with my 97 year old grandmother this past year as well, and the changes have been terrific. I cannot recommend Jessica highly enough.”

– Melora B.

“Sticking to healthy eating and exercise is an uphill battle. With Jessica’s tips, tricks and techniques, I have climbed that hill and won the battle. She encourages me to keep moving and improving, setting new goals, and reaching those goals. Jessica is my biggest fan and has supported me through every step of my weight loss and fitness journey.”

– Michelle Summers

“I have always been been fit, but I often powered through exercises using my strongest muscles, rather than the correct ones. Jessica has helped me focus on strengthening my weaker muscles and I’m in better shape than ever! Her enthusiasm and passion for teaching really helps me stay motivated and I truly look forward to our training session. After watching my husband pay for extra personal training at his club, without seeing results, I suggested that he have Jessica train him. He’s also astonished with his results!”

– Kathleen Faulkner, M.D.

“I began working out with Jessica Regnante almost four years ago. The improvements that I have seen since then in my overall levels of strength and fitness are fantastic! I have so much more energy now. I have a great sense of health and well-being and I feel ten years younger! I would highly recommend Jessica to anyone at any age or fitness level who is looking for a highly-educated, diligent, caring, energetic, gifted and professional personal trainer.”

– Eileen Murphy

“I’ve worked with many trainers, and Jessica stands out among the rest. Besides being easy to work with, caring, and professional, she also is in tune with my goals, strengths, and weaknesses, and works with me to produce results even beyond my expectations. Being injury-prone is no longer an issue with exercise; Jessica focuses on technique and variety to minimize injury and maximize effectiveness. Working out is fun again.”

– Dina A.